Save A Kid Buy A Trundle

Save A Kid ~ Buy A Trundle

Parenting Help Parenting Tips   Every Parent has experienced this at least once.  The clunking sound in the middle of the night, followed by the sleepy moaning cry of a little child as he/she suddenly realizes he/she is no longer in the bed but rather on the floor.

My son was a fitful sleeper so these type of occurrences were almost nightly.

We tried one of those bars that tuck in under the mattress.

We tried stacking pillows by his bed.

We tried adding a plush carpet over the hardwood floors near his bed.

We even tried a beanbag chair.

But he still ended up bruised and battered asleep on the floor.Parenting Help Parenting Tips

Finally, we got smart and purchased a day bed with a trundle.

Now when he falls out of bed, he lands on the trundle bed.   No more clunking sounds in the middle of the night.

And the added benefit is we have another bed in his room for sleep-overs.

For parents considering bunk-beds (a potential danger and law suit) I highly recommend you look into day beds with an added trundle.

The added benefit is that you can remove the trundle mattress and use the space for storage.


Author: ParentingMaven

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