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Is It Time To Consider Senior Care Services?

Featured Articles Parenting Help   A couple years ago at the age of 80, my Mom had a knee replacement surgery.

Mom has always been independent, and a bit of a homebody.  The idea of months in a rehab facility were very distressing and added to her anxiety over the surgery.

Mom would need round-the-clock care for everything from bathing/hygiene to shopping and cooking.

We considered placing ads in the local papers, but the prospect of spending hours and hours interviewing, doing background checks and setting up payroll for four 8 hour shifts was daunting.  Add to that, most of the family were living in different states and would be unable to supervise the staff.

We wanted Mom to be able to stay in her home, but it seemed impossible.

My sister suggested we search for alternative care and ways to make Mom as comfortable as possible.  In-home senior care seemed to be the answer, however we were concerned about the cost and type of care available.

We thought finding senior care giving services in Glendale Az would be difficult.  After all, we wanted a service that would offer a flat rate fee, yet allow us to customize the services as Mom’s health returned.  We knew we would need certified care givers with enough experience to take on Mom’s needs.

Featured Articles Parenting Help   We didn’t want to get locked-in to a long-term contract and required the ability to add or delete services.

Mom would also be working with a Physical Therapist and her personal Physician.  The care-giver would have to be someone that could listen and understand direction from others.

The most important factor was finding someone that Mom would feel comfortable having in her home.  Treating her with dignity and respecting her modesty has always been necessary when it comes to Mom.  We knew that at the first sign of being treated as just a patient, Mom would have the care-giver out the door in seconds.

We created a questionnaire to ask all providers and began a search for senior care giving services.

Questions included:

  1. Are all care givers certified or licensed?
  2. Are care givers covered under your insurance?
  3. Can we change the services provided?
  4. Is there a long-term contract?
  5. Do care givers have their own transportation, a drivers license and proper insurance?
  6. Do you preform background checks on all care-givers?  What kind?
  7. Do you have a daily flat rate?
  8. How long has your company been in business?  Are you licensed, insured and bonded?
  9. If Mom does not get along with one of the care-givers, will you send a replacement?
  10. Does care include house keeping and shopping?
  11. Will the care-giver monitor vital signs?
  12. Can your service also provide transportation to and from appointments?

Once we found the agency that met our needs, we asked them to allow Mom to meet some of their care-givers before she went in for surgery.

We have built a relationship of trust with Mom’s caregiver.  Knowing that someone is there watching over and caring for Mom allows all of us to rest easy.

I wish I could be there 24 hours a day, but since that is not possible, I’m content knowing she has the best care available.

As the Baby Boomers continue to age and hospital costs continue to rise, finding a senior care service is a great way to provide both after surgery care and long-term special needs care.

If you only need a housekeeping and shopping service they are available at an hourly rate.  Many of my friends have care-givers do wake-up and night-time service.  They help with morning hygiene, bathing, dressing and turn-down service.

Many seniors do not want to give-up their homes and resign themselves to nursing homes, yet are no longer capable of caring for themselves.

I recommend you begin consider at home care for your elderly parents or for those needing after-surgery care.



Author: ParentingMaven

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