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Single Parenting: Difficulties With One Parent

A common occurrence in today’s society is children being raised in single parent homes. When I was growing up divorce was still not socially acceptable but was becoming more of a common occurrence or at least something that people were becoming aware of. I grew up in a single parent home when I was a youth so I know that being a single Parenting Help Parenting Help Tips
parent is not always easy and can be quite challenging at times.

Children could be in single parent homes due to their parents getting a divorce. A parent may have died and one parent is left to tend to the children. Another reason could be the parents were never married and one parent did not stick around to see the children grow up (in that case it is primarily the father).

As a single parent, one has to be a bit of both the mother and the father to make things work around the house. With young children the single parent has to do everything from cook, clean, to work in order to have enough money to raise the children. Some single parents get financial support from the other parent in the form of child support.

Children may suffer some hardships due to being raised in a single parent house. The parent may not have enough money to meet the children’s needs and the children may go without some necessities. Children may upset if they lost a parent or if their parents had gone through a divorce. The children may need support from the single parent and adults at the school, religious organization, or wherever the children go for activities. It is important to listen to the child and to understand their pain. If the child seems to be grieving for a longer than what is perceived normal period for the divorce or death of a parent it might be time for the child to get counseling. The child can see a bereavement counselor or attend a grief group for the loss of a parent. A child that has divorced parents can attend individual counseling to address areas that may affect the child emotionally and psychologically.

Often times a single parent is a mother. She is usually divorced or at least not living with the father at that time. She works and most often is able to work a full time job in order to support her children. The situation varies and depends upon the circumstances that lead to the children being raised in a single parent family. Poverty does not impact the majority of single parents.

If you are a single parent make sure to take time out for yourself. Remember you are not alone. If you feel stressed make time to get the children to a baby sitter so that you can do something you like. If you need a spa day go ahead and make time for that. It is important for a single parent to be healthy and able to support their children.

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