Skills Teenagers Learn By Spending Time Online

Skills Teenagers Learn By Spending Time Online

Parents throughout the country – and likely, the world – are often concerned about the amount of time their teenagers spend online. To be sure, young adults spend a lot of time browsing, shopping, and communicating with their friends on the internet. While it may seem wasteful, there is enormous value in the activities in which teens participate. In fact, they’re learning skills that will add to their lives in ways they may not even realize. Here are four important skills that your teenager is learning:

Communicating More Effectively

You might think that your son or daughter’s communication online is limited to “LOL,” “OMG,” and “c u l8r,” but the lessons they’re experiencing extend much further. Beyond the language they’re using, they’re learning how to socialize with their peers. As a parent, you can encourage them by explaining the differences between using slang with their friends and formal sentences with others. Teach them to tailor their communication to their audience.

A Broader Perspective

The last generation seldom interacted with people from other countries and cultures. That lack of familiarity with others limited their understanding and influenced their perspective of the world. When your teen spends time on the internet, he or she is likely exposed to ideas and cultures from around the globe. This has an enormous influence on their perspective of other people as well as their own place in the world.

Being An Entrepreneur

Millions of people have used their home internet connections to start small online businesses from their living rooms. Your teenager may be doing the same from his or her bedroom. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to plant the seed of responsible entrepreneurship. Help your teen figure out tax payments and simple bookkeeping. Teach them how to save their profit for long-term goals (for example, a car, vacation, or college).

The Ability To Research

More than ever, people are using their internet connections to research products, services, and other types of information. Young adults learn early to use the web to research school projects. You can further help them develop that skill by assigning research tasks for them to perform online. For example, ask them to research an upcoming family vacation or restaurant.

There is little doubt that enjoying broadband internet access at home will continue to change our lives. While most of us have learned skills and adopted habits over a lifetime, young adults are still forming their own. Don’t be overly concerned about the time your teenager is spending online. Instead, keep the lines of communication open and encourage them to share their experiences. As a parent, you can have a huge impact on the development of skills that will last for decades.

Author: ParentingMaven

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