What South Park Teaches You About Parenting

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What South Park Teaches You About Parenting

I was watching the latest episode of South Park because it’s a funny show and I enjoy it. Normally, it’s just a guilty pleasure for me and somewhat vulgar.

But despite these things it brings up some excellent points about humanity, the way we are in our American culture, and lessons we can learn from.

The latest episode involved the boys getting into trouble as they always seem to do which makes the show so funny. They get themselves entangled in such far-fetched situations it’s unbelievable yet funny because they’re a cartoon.

The latest episode parodied a couple of different movies.

This sensation was sweeping the world and it was called Peruvian flute band music. The world is in a hysteria and all the government agencies were panicking which reminded me a lot of what happened with the “avian bird flu scheme” propaganda around three to four years ago.

The boys of South Park decided they were going to make money off of this because these flute bands were selling their CDs.

One of their classmates just had a birthday and was given $100 by his grandma. So they go over to his house and tell him he can double his money inside of an afternoon by working with them.

The boys use the money to buy costumes and instruments and start playing their best impersonation of Peruvian flute music in the mall.

Of course around this time the Department of Homeland Insecurity (I mean security) decides they are going to round up all these Peruvian flute bands and send them to internment camp’s a.k.a. what happened to the Japanese living in America during World War II.

As with most government actions the policy caused unintended side effects.

The boys got caught up in these arrests and taken to an internment camp in Miami.

The new guy they recruited was complaining and whining saying “Bad stuff always happens to you guys. That’s why no one at school likes you”.

Of course the boys tell him to stop complaining and shut up because they had no way of foreseeing this would happen.

More hilarity ensues as the boys are ordered to go to Peru to stamp out these flute bands at the source.

Again the outsider boy says “Bad stuff always happens to you guys. You get into these crazy steams and you end up in a foreign country, in jail, or in outer space.”

Again they just laugh it off and say “Man there’s no talking to you.”

Of course now cities are being overrun by huge guinea pigs which the government is unable to stop just like some of those alien invasion movies.

They come to find out it’s an unintended consequence of locking up these flute bands.

The moral is, look for information and stories of people in a similar situation before you make a unilateral decision because it may have unintended consequences.

When the boys land in the Andes Mountains they start walking through the jungle and come to these ancient Peruvian ruins. The boys being curious and idealistic say “Cool now let’s go and explore this.”

The outsider boy again says “why”. And they say “because we have to see what’s inside”. He of course senses danger but reluctantly agrees to go in anyway.

They come to this inner hallway which looks like something out of Indiana Jones with alien looking faces carved into the walls and a big waterfall. They’re all ready to jump and explore again but the other boy says no.

They are shocked and can’t believe it. They say “we’ve got to go in”. He says “why”. And they say “Because that’s just the way it is”.

This was the last straw for the outsider boy and he got tired of these no good explanations for doing things. He said “No, I’m going back”. They couldn’t believe it because they had never thought to question this type of situation.

It’s easy to get tunnel vision and just do things because. So teach your kids a bit about peer pressure and about questioning the type of activities they’re about to do so they can ensure it’s something they really want to do and there’s a good reason for doing it.

It’s easy to get caught up in peer pressure, wild moneymaking schemes, and bad situations. What kind of wild stories have you been entangled in?

I’ll look forward to your comments about these issues.

Author: Billy the kid

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