Spanking the Teacher and Other Boorish Behavior

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Author, Billy the Kid

I was reading an article the other day about these two students in England who were spanking their teacher. She’s apparently a good-looking young female teacher and these students were in the latter part of their elementary years.

Reading into it further I found they didn’t actually spank her, one of the boys was just making a spanking motion while the other boy filmed.

The teachers back was of course turned and she was riding on the chalkboard as she was teaching the concept of the class and had no idea what was going on with her backside.

I’m sure the students in the class were laughing hysterically and she was left to wonder why. I know I would have been.

You can check out the article on Yahoo here.

This got me to thinking about the concept of discipline. And I wrote about whether public discipline versus private discipline is appropriate and in what situations.

Now these students in the article were suspended from school and so that got me to asking the question, “What are appropriate and most importantly effective disciplinary tactics schools can use?”

This is quite a touchy subject for many parents and maybe even you.

When I was growing up and going through the ranks of elementary school I attended a private Christian school from kindergarten all the way through fifth grade.

They had corporal punishment. And I got more spankings than I can count.

I remember the principal was this seemingly huge guy (looking back now he was only 6’2″ and about 240 pounds). I perceived him as being a giant and some of the licks I got from his 3/4″ thick wooden paddle lifted me off the ground.

I was a bully and a troublemaker back in those days and me and my posse (consisting the 3 other bad boys in my class) were constantly breaking the rules including harassing other students and running around on the decks making lots of noise when classes were in session.

Each of these sins was a spankable offense.

I know now, especially in public schools, corporal punishment in most cases is outlawed. The vice principal and principal have limited options for disciplining students who get out of hand.

There seems to be these options:

  • afterschool or weekend detention
  • in school suspension aka I.S.S.
  • out of school suspension for a period of 3 to 5 days.
  • And of course, for the unpardonable offenses ex-falchion is the option.

But I’m left to wonder just how effective these punishments are.

I certainly remember back in my high school days the troublemaking kids who frequented in school suspension and seemed to revisit in school suspension about once a month.

Whenever I walked by I.S.S. I would always see the usual suspects with the additional odd one timer in there as well.

So clearly looking at this data the current options available and the options being put to use seem to be ineffective in making the desired behavioral change.

And while the spankings failed to convince me for a few years, by the time I got to fifth grade I received far fewer spankings than when I was younger. I’m a pretty stubborn guy but the spankings did have their desired effect and I really hated them.

In my later years, I was much more careful when I was being bad to avoid detection and not get caught.

Maybe a more public calling out and humiliation in front of peers would be a more effective disciplinary action available to public school administrators.

Tell me what you think and what disciplinary options you believe would work well in public schools. I’ll look forward to your insights in the comments and a lively discussion with you.

Author: Billy the kid

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