Star Wars to the Rescue

Star Wars to the Rescue

Parenting Help Parenting Help Parenting Toddlers    photo credit: The Consumerist

Parenting Help Parenting Help Parenting Toddlers   It was another one of those days that every Mother experiences from time to time.

The weather was miserable, the laundry was piling up, kitchen was a total disaster and all the beds needed clean sheets and to top it all off, my husband was away on one of his many business trips.

I think kids always seem to know when we are stressed to our max.  They feel it too and just can’t help but push us just a bit further.

I had finally sat down at the table to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee while my son played with his toys nearby.  Without warning the cat jumped up on the kitchen counter and knocked a half full glass of milk to the floor, where it shattered into tiny glass fragments amounst a white sea of milk.

The cat, of course, headed for the milk while I frantically tried to shoo him away and mop up the glass laced milk all at the same time while shouting at my son to go play in the other room.  One cut finger and a roll of paper towels later, the milk was cleaned up with only a sticky residue left behind.

Once again I returned to my cold cup of coffee but was quickly interrupted by my son shreiking in the living room.  I was sure he was mortally wounded and slammed my shoulder into the door as I flew through the dining room and rounded the corner to the living room only to find my son kicking his toys.  “Stupid, Stupid, Stupid” he screamed and then flung himself at the floor screaming and crying.

It was all I could take…. before I realized what I was doing, I found myself next to him on the floor screaming “Stupid, Stupid, Stupid” in my best toddler cursing voice.  Tears filled my eyes.

After a few moments I felt a tiny hand on my shoulder, and looked at the brightest smile in the universe. “All better?” he said.  And you know, it really was all better.

Forget the sticky floor, the piles of laundry, the unmade beds.. we were going to take the rest of the day off. We grabbed our favorite down comforter, a cup of hot coffee for me, milk (in a sippy cup this time) for Billy and popped in a VHS tape of our favorite Star Wars movie.  Cuddled up on the couch with a great movie made for a truly memorable afternoon.

We learned a great lesson that day..  When life gets tough……
there’s always Star Wars

Parenting Help Parenting Help Parenting Toddlers
Parenting Help Parenting Help Parenting Toddlers   photo credit: kennymatic

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