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Stop The Teething Pain NOW!

What’s a Mom to do?  Suddenly, somewhere around that four to seven month mark, your perfect little bundle of joy turns into the spawn of Satan.

All those cute little gurglie sounds and happy smiles have turned into ear-piercing banshee screams that could wake the dead.

According the Western Dental experts, your little sweetums may be getting his/her first tooth.

For many already worn-out parents this first tooth experience is exasperating, but it doesn’t have to be.

There are things you can do to help comfort your baby and also start a life-time of healthy oral hygiene.

At the first sign of teething, grab a cool damp cloth or gauze and gently massage the gums.  The lower center gums will usually produce the first tooth and will require the first attempts at massaging.  As more teeth make their presence known you may want to switch to a finger brush, soft-bristle brush or a clean damp washcloth to remove debris.

A gentle fluoride toothpaste can also be added.  Use a small smear of toothpaste and be sure to remove as children under six years of age do not have a fully developed swallowing reflex.

Taking a few minutes of care can reduce hours of discomfort for you and baby.

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