StumbleUpon for Twitter Moms and Beginners part 2

Stumbleupon for Twitter Moms and Beginners part 1 is here. If you stumbled here without reading part 1 yet go back and read it now.

The first thing you can do at stumble is go to the homepage here

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Stumbleupon Homepage

And look at some of these recent stumblers.  Right click and open five or six of them in a new tab to see which ones are active and send them a friend request.

Go to their profile page and open some of the things they’ve stumbled into new tabs and give those things the thumbs up.  Do basically the same things that you did in Digg.

You see what stories they’ve submitted to stumble as well as other stories they themselves stumbled and you are voting for those stories.

This tells them you’re active and are helping them out as well as the two of you have similar tastes and interests so it’s a good idea for you to be friends.  It’s natural and it only makes sense because you two are alike.

Roughly 50% to 70% will friend you back when you do this.  Again getting mutual friends is what you want.  Unlike in Digg you can make mutual friends with some of your followers and friends from elsewhere on the Internet. The algorithm here isn’t as strict as Digg’s and is more of a community, tracking behaviors and interests in order to show you relevant stories.

The beauty is the more you stumble the smarter the toolbar gets. It shows you stories you’re more and more interested and far fewer “from left field” stories you have zero interest in.

What’s also a bit different about Stumble Upon is there is no 24-hour time limit in order for you to get lots of exposure.  You want to get as many stumbles as you can in the first 24 hours to have a chance to reach the StumbleUpon homepage but if you don’t make it it’s still good to get a stumble or two every day because your story will still be shown to other stumble users.

Here’s how it works:

The toolbar algorithm takes note of those stories you give the thumbs up as well as those stories to give thumbs down.  I don’t give too many stories the thumbs down because I just don’t want to be a dick like that.  That is of course a choice you can make as to how you want to approach it.

When it’s a poor quality story I just usually x it out without taking any action on it.

All my voting activity as well as my reviews go into my account and so whenever I click the stumble button it shows me related stories based on the topics I’m interested in.  And will also show me related stories from my friends activity and their likes because we’re similar and likely to enjoy and be interested in the same topics and stories.

Obviously the more stumbles a story gets, which is about a topic I’ve proven through my voting habits that I’m interested in, that story will be far more likely to be shown to me as well as other stumblers with similar voting habits.

When a story continues to get one or two “thumbs up” a day or at least three to four per week it gives that story an evergreen feel and quality and it will continue to send you visitors and readers forever because it will continue to be shown to the community.  This is the most powerful part of the community.

This Video shows basic uses for stumble upon.

You can also see what YouTube videos have been posted to the community, as well as images, news, and your friends favorites which can all be found under the toolbar as you can see in this picture

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Stumbleupon Videos & Images

THose are the basics of using and getting value from StumbleUpon. You put in and you get back out. Just like any social community.

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I’ll look forward to your comments and questions. And tell any stumble success or catastrophe stories you have.

Author: Billy the kid

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