Sugar Shock! – School Ban on Sweets

Sugar Shock! – School Ban on Sweets

In Newburyport, MA, the school system has adopted a wellness plan that bans sweets from school. The ban includes foods that parents send to school. They are just another in what seems to be a growing trend to tackle childhood obesity.

On the other hand, some school systems have cut recess or physical education from the school day. Why would they do this? Wouldn’t it make sense that children need daily exercise? Isn’t that what the experts have been telling parents?

With the passing of the No Child Left Behind laws, more stringent guidelines have been placed on academics. There is only so much time in a school day. So it’s all work and no play.

In the school system that my children attend, they do have recess and physical education. However, art, music, computer lab, library time, and recess are considered “specials”. To children and parents that means “not required” by the NCLB laws. “Specials” can be forfeited for any reason deemed acceptable by the school because they are not federally mandated.

Schools with higher poverty levels are more likely to cut recess and physical education to be able to meet the academic standards set by the government. Studies show that obesity rates coincide with low income or poverty levels. Everybody knows that junkfood is cheaper than healthy food. See where this vicious cycle is going?

School lunch menus are already regulated by the federal government. Now schools want to send out the snack police!

I believe that children’s health is very important. I understand that rules like these are supposed to be for the greater good. But give me a break! Not all of our kids are fat.

So what’s next, …… Weight Watchers sign-ups in the cafeteria?

Author: Gabriella Parker

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