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The Perfect Sunny Afternoon

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In this digital computer-driven age, it is very tempting to sit your children in front of the television, games console or iPad. It will keep them entertained and quiet while you can do your own thing. But remember your own childhood, before all the computers and gadgets: hide and seek, water fights in paddling pools, climbing trees, and all sorts of outdoors fun. It’s easy to forget how important that can be for children growing up.

So it’s time to revisit your own childhood, and give your children the opportunity to enjoy the same outdoor pursuits.

Run Around …. Have Fun!

It’s a common complaint that kids today are too sedentary. There are all sorts of fun games you can play which will really get the blood pumping!
– If you have a large garden and a large group of children, consider traditional English playground games such as hide and seek, kick the can, tag, stuck in the mud, sardines or cops and robbers.
– If you have some prep time, set up a short treasure hunt around the garden or neighborhood (if that’s safe and the kids are a bit older). This will mean you have some peace and quiet while they’re off hunting for treasure!
– For smaller groups, a simple bat and ball game, or even throwing and catching games, can be very entertaining. There are many memory-based throwing games, or elimination games like piggy in the middle.
– There are many reasonably-priced garden games you can pick up in local shops: a paddling pool, water gun, or simple garden game from your local toy shop can keep your kids entertained for hours.

Quieter Activities

– If they’re feeling really creative, ask them to put on a play. You’ll be amazed how quickly they’ve invented a story and cast the production ready to perform their creation!After School Activities Parenting Help
– For smaller groups, take the mess outdoors and organise some art and crafts: Plasticine, painting, collages and making models from old cardboard are all low-maintenance crafty ideas which require few materials and will keep the kids quiet for hours.
– Bring your books outside: lying on the grass and reading a good book is a treasured childhood memory for many adults. If your children are too young to read themselves, have a storytime session on the grass.

Step Back

Children are remarkably resilient, with rich imaginations and huge swathes of ideas. Often it’s not necessary to control every aspect of their activity time. If you leave them to their own devices, you’ll find that they’ll quickly devise ways to entertain themselves in the most wonderful and entertaining ways. Who needs computers when the sun is shining? Have a wonderful time in your own garden, discovering the outdoors once more.

Author: ParentingMaven

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