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Medical Issues Parenting Help Parenting News   Swine flu sickness has been getting lots of play in the news right now and the timing of this is very interesting. I believe it’s laying the groundwork for a “launch” of sorts in the fall.

As you may know especially if you’re a news hound all the major talking heads and programs are focused on this swine flu and what a pandemic they believe it’s going to be.

They’re bringing in “experts” even though this is a completely new strain of flu (so how can there already be experts?) who explain what’s going on and putting out all kinds of speculation on how devastating, how fast it’s going to spread, and how many are going to die painfully because of it.

Now to the launch part.

One thing true experts know and the statistics bare out is that sickness levels drop in the summer to a floor in mid July to early August and then begin to steadily rise in the fall and go through the roof to their peak levels in the early winter.

So why are they talking about swine flu right now when it’s in its infancy and there’s no statistically significant data to base it on?

I believe they’re laying the groundwork and anticipation for a massive publicity and coverage push in the fall when there are a few more documented cases. And of course they can say, “I told you so” and point back to right now as proof.

It’s amazing because…

In one breath the talking heads say over 36,000 people die each year from the regular flu. Then, they downplay that by hyping the fear mongering of this new ‘pandemic’ the swine flu which has claimed a massive and mind boggling 1 person so far in the U.S.

And incredibly over 300 people are infected in Mexico. Not DEAD but just infected. So when you put together the numbers the regular flu which gets very little news coverage is treated like the forgotten step sister while the swine flu is treated like royalty even though it has done very little only claiming wait a second…

My excel spreadsheet says the percentage of deaths from swine as oppose to normal flu is 2.7777e-05. So if I’m doing my numbers right swine flu is taking .0000027% of the total fatalities.

That’s not even close to 1 PERCENTAGE POINT.

So when are you and your children, your parents, indeed your entire family going to be engulfed by this unstoppable silent assassin?

My guess is you won’t.

This seems to be nothing more than diversion and subversion at it’s best.

The economy is tanking, the misery index is soaring, inflation is moving up steadily, credit lending is locked up tighter than a vestal virgin, and thousands of people are still being laid off faster than a speeding bullet.

What better way to get your mind off of how bad things are getting in this country and the deteriorating economic and financial conditions than an all too conveniently timed “new flu pandemic”?

Ask yourself some of these questions and see what answers your mind comes up with. You’re a rational, intelligent human being fully capable of knowing what’s going on.

Which seems more likely to you:

-a pandemic of epic proportions that starts claiming lives at a level not experienced since the bubonic plague?
-a small blip on the radar screen just like the bird flu ‘pandemic’ that was hyped a few years ago?

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