Swing Set Tales

Swing Set Tales
Parenting Help Parenting Help Tips   I remember the day my husband backed his Ford pickup around the side of our little lake house straight to the backyard.  A large box was protruding from the tailgate.  As I watched from the window, my then three year old son came stumbling up the porch screaming,  “Mommy come look” with enough excitement to wake the fishes.

For the next three hours I watched as the new swing set came to life.   Billy hurried faithfully around his Dad handing over the swing set parts one-by-one until finally the wooden monster came to life.  The mini tree fort with it’s bright yellow slide was to be a favorite kid’s hide-a-way for the next several years.

Of course there were a few mishaps and scraped knees along the way but the squeals of delight were worth the occasional fall.

When it came time to leave our little lake house to move to the “Big House” across town.  The little swing set was donated to the Christian school my now five year old attended.  Of course Billy thought the swing set was being sent to school with him.

The bigger house meant a bigger swing set which also meant a bigger construction project.

Over the years swing sets gave way to trampolines, bike ramps and back yard tents but the memory of the first swing set in the backyard by the lake remains.


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