Your Teen Wants Rhinoplasty – How Should You Respond?

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“The teen years are a difficult stage for anyone, especially when it comes to appearances. We all remember how hard we tried to fit in; wearing “cool” clothes, the latest shoes, styling our hair the right way, and more. One year you might be a punk, the next year a prep. During this stage, finding ourselves almost always consists of trial and error. But now there’s more to the equation than just shoes and clothes. Today, teens are asking their parents for rhinoplasty, breast implants, and other plastic surgery. How should you respond?

Our culture today
Thanks to reality shows like Dr. 90210 and teen idols like Ashlee Simpson (who transformed before our very eyes) it’s no wonder teens nowadays are asking us about these things. But just because “everyone is doing it” doesn’t mean it’s the right choice. There’s more to plastic surgery than meets the eye (literally) so here are some questions to ask yourself, as a parent, to help you determine whether or not it’s the right decision.

What are your personal beliefs about plastic surgery?
For many Americans, plastic surgery can be an extremely controversial subject. It goes without saying there are circumstances which everyone would agree it’s warranted; accident victims, reconstructive surgeries, etc. But how do you feel about something purely cosmetic in nature, like breast implants? Some argue that the only purpose of this procedure is to draw sexual attention. Meanwhile, others say it’s to better yourself. Whichever side of the fence you stand, think this through long and hard.

Which plastic surgery procedure does your teen want?
As mentioned, plastic surgery is usually for cosmetic enhancement, but not always. Is your son asking for rhinoplasty because his nose was broken and he wants to re-align it? Does your daughter want otoplasty (ear pinning) because she gets picked on for her large ears? Obviously, one would have to approach these circumstances differently than a child who is requesting breast implants, cheek implants, etc.

Are you financially prepared to pay for plastic surgery?
Being that even the “cheap” procedures cost several thousand dollars, it’s unlikely your teen child will have the money to pay themselves. If you decide that getting the operation is the right choice, are you prepared to pay? In addition to the surgeon’s fee, there is also the operating room, anesthesia, post-operative care. You also need to realize that a secondary (or revision) surgery may be needed. According to this rhinoplasty forum, a “do-over” nose job seems to be needed more often than most people expect.

Is there a possibility your child is going through a phase?
Just like we said… all teens go through trial and error when it comes to their appearances. In fact, it’s not unusual for that to continue into their early twenties and beyond. If your daughter thinks she wants bigger breasts now, is there a possibility she will regret it down the road?

Whether it’s rhinoplasty, implants, or something else… cosmetic surgery is a big decision which will impact a person for the rest of their life, for the better or for the worse. It’s something that needs to be carefully thought out; taking six months or a year to make this decision is probably not a bad idea.”

Leave your comments about how you handle this. Or ask any questions you might have about dealing with this situation.

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