Ten Free and Fun Activities For Kids

Ten free and fun activities for kids

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You are probably wondering what you will do when the kids get their summer break for nearly 2 months. While it’s great to have them home, it can become an ordeal when they start getting bored and restless. Well, plan ahead before their vacation is due. You make a list of things that they can do or plan to go on trips with them. Whatever you decide, follow it through like a proper routine. Here are ten fun and free activities that you might want to pursue with your kids.


1. Building castles out of nothing

You can make you children build forts and castles right in your living room area if you cannot take them to the beach. The younger children could play with building blocks while the older ones create their own versions, using cardboard and some materials which are lying at home.

2. Stage a musical concert

Ask them to put up a musical concert in the evening for which they need to rehearse and organize the instruments. Now, there is no need to rush to the music store to buy expensive musical instruments, as they can easily make do with what they have at home. You could put in some beans into an empty plastic bottle to make a shaker, a plastic container and some spoons can become a drum and for cymbals, they can use pot covers.

3. Make a collage or cards

Now, who says the children cannot start making some Christmas cards or any special cards ahead of time. Use the recycled papers that you had kept for the cards and they can decorate with flowers, grass and twigs which are readily available in the garden. Better still, go through some old magazines and journals together and let them select their favorite pictures to cut out. You can then organize a big cardboard on which they can glue up the cuttings to create their own masterpiece.

4. Coordinate with other kids

You could enlist the help of other parents and kids in the neighborhood to come up with weekly talent show and keep prices for the winners.

5. Do the social work

You can enlist the help of your kids to clean the fence before you put on new coat of paint. Give them a bucket of water, some rags and gloves and let them have a playful cleaning session.

6. Put out a bird feeder

You can do some nature project together with your kids by building a bird house. Let them decide the design and where to place it, with your guidance of course. Teach them about feeds and how to keep the bird house clean.

6. Do some gardening

If you already have a garden, allocate parts of the garden to the children to tend the vegetables. They can also do the planting, watering and watch their vegetables growing healthy for the kitchen table.

7. Go for a nature study walk

Tell your kids to bring along some empty jars and bags as you go on a nature walk. They can collect samples of plants and insects to study them later at home.

8. Keep them well toned

You can always take your bicycles for rides along routes prepared on your map chart. Let them have fun navigating these routes.

9. Take them for a treasure hunt

You can create a list of clues and let them have fun hunting for the treasure in your backyard or around the neighborhood.

10. Shop for your vegetables

Take your kids to the local farmers’ market and check out the fresh produce. Let them choose the vegetables and try new ones as well.

These activities will not only be fun but the children can truly benefit from all the learning they do about nature and the environment. It will also make them more creative and knowledgeable about new things.


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