Ten Years A Herd Of Kids And NO TV

Ten Years A Herd Of Kids And NO TV!

Kids Advice Parenting Help   It’s been ten whole years since we made the decision not to hook-up the cable, mount-up the antennae or set-up the dish.

At first I was horrified when my then eleven year old son suggested we get rid of TV.  Like most of America I had spent the last six months glued to CNN and CNBC waiting for the coming Apocalypse.  From Anthrax in the mail to the aftermath of falling buildings, checking the news ten times a day seemed quite normal to me.

It was 2002 and we had just moved into a new home in the small rural town of Clarksville, Virginia.  Even though we were now officially in the 21st Century, Clarksville still did not have the normal free broadcast TV that a woman raised in the suburbs of Washington DC had come to expect.  Of course if you put a 30-foot antennae on your roof, you might be able to  catch a bit of the Public Broadcasting Chanel from across the lake.

My son being the wise young man had made the decision that TV was not good for us.  The commercials were all about coveting stuff (thereby breaking the 10th Commandment), the shows were getting too sleazy (I’m sure that was breaking another commandment somewhere) and it was turning us into vegetable heads (I rather liked being a vegetable head).

I whined and tried to reason with him, but in the end I knew he was right, and besides we still had Netflix.

Over the years we picked out TV shows that generally interested both of us and ordered them via Netflix, thereby avoiding the dreaded TV commercials.  Netflix time became family time.  Neighborhood kids would show up for the popcorn, sodas and a show.  There were never any of those embarrassing kissy scenes because the remote was always handy and no R-rated movies or overly mature shows were allowed.

Family and friends thought it wouldn’t last but now ten years later we are still Cable/Satellite/Antennae free.

One of the best decisions my son has ever nagged me into 🙂

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