Thanksgiving Date – To Bring or Not to Bring a Date

Thanksgiving Date – To Bring or Not to Bring a Date

Thanksgiving Date to bring one or not to bring one that is the question…

Ok, Ok I know you were probably looking or wanting to know the actual date of Thanksgiving.

For future reference Thanksgiving is always the fourth Thursday in November whatever day that happens to fall on. This year the date of Thanksgiving is November 27, 2008.

You may have typed in Thanksgiving date or just gotten intrigued by the title of this article.

But I thought I’d have some fun with this…namely misinterpreting what you probably meant. But of course I don’t want to be a total jackass so if you were just interested in what date Thanksgiving falls on I’ve already given you that.

When I looked at the phrase Thanksgiving date I immediately had some confusion in my mind.

After doing a Google search the top results all just talked about what actual day it fell upon but the other thing that entered my mind is what if you’re talking about bringing a woman to your Thanksgiving dinner. Or if you’re single gal what if you’re thinking about bringing a guy to Thanksgiving dinner.

I fully accept maybe it’s just my own warped and twisted mind thinking this but I wanted to explore it.

So what are the appropriate protocols and is it even appropriate to bring a date to such a family gathering on this holiday?

I’ll certainly be interested to hear your thoughts and comments on this topic and before that I’m going to give you mine.

First I’m going to establish Christmas is sacred. I definitely believe Christmas celebrations and family Christmas gatherings are off limits to nonfamily.

If it’s your fiancĂ© or someone you are serious about and you’ve been dating exclusively for over six months then I could make a Christmas exception.

But for Thanksgiving I’m definitely under the impression these kind of restrictions should be relaxed.

It’s a definite no-no to bring some random person you met somewhere. Thanksgiving dinner with your family is no time for a blind date or a first date.

I’m not going to put any specific time restrictions on it because you are different from any other person and your relationship or association with that person you like is a self-contained unit. For me to attempt to define that would be an exercise in foolishness and futility.

Only you know how close you are with that other person, how well they would potentially fit with your family, and whether it feels appropriate or not to invite them to your family gathering on thanksgiving.

The other consideration is the overall openness or exclusivity of your family. Do they openly welcome new people into the group? Or are they suspicious and guarded and dislike having new people in the group?

Weigh these factors in your decision and also maybe the most important factor of all…

How comfortable are you with this person? Have they already met your parents and some of your family members before?

Bottom line if you feel any kind of weirdness or any uneasiness I would say definitely no go for inviting your date.

However, after considering all the factors if you have an open family, you’re very comfortable with this person, you like them a lot and they get along well then by all means I say bring your Thanksgiving date.

Sound off in the conversation via a comment. I look forward to any stories you have surrounding thanksgiving dates…especially if it was a complete disaster, side-splittingly hilarious or even if it led to a more permanent relationship which you never expected.

Author: Billy the kid

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