Thanksgiving 2008 Thanksgiving Travel – What’s Your Family’s Policy?

Thanksgiving Travel – What’s Your Family’s Policy?

Thanksgiving travel is an interesting topic and can even be considered a controversial topic.

Thanksgiving travel as a concept is almost as American as apple pie. It has a long-standing tradition throughout American history dating back to when the Wampanoag Indians traveled to the original settlers of Plymouth rock village to enjoy Thanksgiving with them. These are guys like William Bradford the governor of the colony and King Massasoit the Indians leader breaking bread together.

There is no evidence this 1st thanksgiving feast was ever repeated and yet it is often pointed to as the harbinger which started what is now a long entrenched American tradition.

Folklore has a way of shooting off on a tangent from what the original intention was. And the myth of the tradition is often completely different than what it was actually based on.

This Thanksgiving is going to be an interesting and different one for me and my family.

My parents and two younger sisters who go to Austin high school are set to travel to New York City for the Macy’s Day Parade on Thanksgiving day.

This is a huge break in our own family tradition because we have always been a stay-at-home family who gets together for big feasting and football watching at my grandparents house.

We’ve never gone anywhere for Thanksgiving since almost all of our family is here locally in Austin.

So this is quite a break in tradition and my other sister and my lone brother are quite upset about this. Presumably the fuel of their ire was that none of us 3 were invited to go on this trip or even offered the opportunity.

So obviously even though we are adults over 18 there is still some animosity and resentment. Almost a latent sibling rivalry rearing its ugly head.

I didn’t take any offense to it because the Macy’s Day Parade is something I never watch and seems damn boring. I’m glad to be staying away from it and wouldn’t want to spend money to go to something so frivolous and stupid.

But the Macy’s Day Parade is also a Thanksgiving tradition here in the United States. So obviously there are people out there who like to do there Thanksgiving travel to the Macy’s Day Parade as well as others who go to various places to be with their families located in other states and cities.

One thing that did get me is I would like to have at least been invited on this Thanksgiving adventure.

But as the holidays approach some family friction is almost always going to happen. I just expect it and let it roll like water off a duck’s back.

As I see it getting angry about the process doesn’t do any good and only elicits further anger from other members of the family in retaliation.

I sincerely hope they have fun on their Thanksgiving travels to New York for the parade. I know my sisters will enjoy this kind of thing and it will be a memory they will have for a lifetime.

I’d rather be watching football anyway and I assure you I’ll be watching the Texas Vs. Texas A&M football game Thanksgiving night.

Post your comments about your own Thanksgiving travel arrangements and family traditions you have. Also sound off on what you think about my family situation. Do you agree with my brother and sister’s resentment? Do you agree with my position of nonchalance?

And of course happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Author: Billy the kid

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