The Best Places In The U.S. To Raise Your Kids 2009

The Best Places In The U.S. To Raise Your Kids 2009

Businessweek completed their second annual rondup of the best places to raise your kids in the U.S. This was based on kid-friendly and cost-friendly data.

This year they went state by state giving the best city in each state to raise your kids with two runner-up cities for each state. They selected towns with at least 50,000 residents and a median family income between $40,000 and $100,000. Then they used additional criteria such as school performance and safety, which were weighted most heavily, to assist in make the final selections. Criteria with strong weights were given to amenities and affordability. The other criteria under consideration were crime rates, air quality, family income, job growth, theaters, museums, parks, diversity, and other amenities.

There are a few problems with this method of selection. The median household income varies by state but they said that they weighted the results. However, Greenwich, Conn., with its good private schools, a low crime rate, and an abundance of cultural amenities, was left out becuase it just costs too much to live there.

Other places that are great for kids did not make this list. The competition was extremely close in many states. Overall, they were looking for cities that scored well across the board. Some cities offered more culture and better schools but were left out because of factors such as a high crime rate or a high cost of living.

You can look in Businessweek or just search online for “best places to raise your kids” to get more information. Check to see what city is recommended for your state.

Since I live in Alabama, I looked to see which city was ranked number one for Alabama. It was Huntsville with Dothan and Hoover as runner-ups. Huntsville has a population of 162,819 and a median household income of $69,000. There are plenty of fun things to do in Huntsville, Alabama. Huntsville is the home of the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, where scientists designed space rockets during the fifties. Visitors now come for interactive exhibits, movies, and rides at the space center. Huntsville lays claim to the nation’s largest seasonal butterfly house which is located on the 104 acre Huntsville Botanical Gardens. The gardens have a new children’s garden and a nature center. Huntsville has great sports facilities and is host to some of the state high school finals and all-star athletic games. One public high school in Huntsville has won the National Mathematics Competition several years.

If your city is not listed then don’t get offended. A lot of cities that are really good places to raise your kids did not make the list. Or, if your city did not make the list, then see what you can do to improve your city for the kids. Next year, maybe your city will make the Businessweek list as one of the top places to raise your kids in the U.S.

Author: ParentingUncle

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