The Importance of Attending Sporting Events With Your Children

The Importance of Attending Sporting Events With Your Children

It is always important for parents to participate with their children in group activities. One such activity is attending a sporting event at a stadium. Get the children involved in all aspects of planning and attending the sporting event.

Determine the starting time for the event and discuss with the children what time you should arrive at the stadium and where you should park in order to be on time.

Another concern is tickets. May the tickets be purchased in advance or are they only available at the gate. At some events, purchasing tickets in advance allows you to choose where you want to sit in the stadium. Discuss the seating possibilities with your children along with the advantages and disadvantages of different seating areas. Some concerns are: how well you can see the game, how far away is the restroom, or how far away is the concession stand. After discussing the pros and cons of sitting in different areas, then let the children be involved in making the final decision.

The children will definitely want to visit the concession stand. Discuss how much money they will be allowed to spend and what are the possibilities they may purchase and still be within their budgeted amount.

It is a good idea to discuss where to meet in the stadium in case someone gets lost from the family and they can’t find their way back to area where the family is sitting. They could get lost before you get seated.

Parents should be a role model for their children at all times, but especially at sporting events where some people think that is OK to yell at the officials or talk bad about some of the players or coaches. The parents should not criticize the officials or players. You really want to show spirit and yell for your team but the parents should applaud for both teams. Being a good role model while attending sporting events helps contribute to a better character for your child.

Sometimes an athlete will demonstrate bad sportsmanship such as arguing with officials, blaming teammates when things go wrong, showboating, or talking trash. Wait until later to discuss this with you children. Talk about why this particular athlete demonstrated bad sportsmanship and how could this have been handled. Also discuss what could have been done in advance to have prevented this from happening.

As you are leaving the game and come in contact with the fans of the opposing team, only make good comments pertaining to the game. Then wish them a safe trip home and good luck with their next game.

In is important to be actively involved in attending group events such as sporting events with your children. Being a good sport and a good role model will help your children shape their behavior for the remainder of their life.

Please leave a comment discussing some of your issues and concerns while attending sporting events at a stadium with your children.

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