The Mommy Bloggers New Year’s Resolutions

The Mommy Bloggers New Year’s Resolutions

For Mommy and Daddy Bloggers let me just add one thing to the list below… Go out and visit the sunshineNew Years Parenting Help   everyday. The fresh air will clear your mind and open up all those creative neurons.

  1. I will keep my Blog updated
  2. Can you say… SPELL CHECK?
  3. I will stay current with the news
  4. When a Company acts offensively I will speak up… are you listening Motrin and Pepsi?
  5. I will forgive Companies like Motrin and Pepsi when they wake-up and see the error of their ways
  6. I will not cover my home page with sparkling, flashing stars and flowers or hundreds of pictures of the kids and dogs
  7. I will not Twitter Spam
  8. I will watch my language (there might be kids listening)
  9. I will take the time to read other Mommy Blogs and leave positive comments
  10. I will find joy in everything I do

To all the Mommy Bloggers and Daddy Bloggers out there, May 2009 be your best year.

Happy New Years

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Author: ParentingMaven

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