The Real Mean Bully Housewives Of New York

The Real Housewives or the Real Bullies. You decide!

Note from Karen: This article was written by Sally Berenzweig | MEd, MA.  Sally is a professional.  I,on the other  hand, am just a slightly weird Mom.  Sally admits to watching “The Real Housewives of New York”.  I, on the other hand. can neither confirm nor deny my taste for sleezy TV.

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Okay, I admit it…

I watch the Real Housewives and I am a little embarrassed about it.

Those who know me may be surprised.  My family (well not my sisters because they watch it too) Friends? (Well not my closest because they watch it too) But I am sure colleagues might be surprised. But I do watch it and I had to write this blog after watching “The Real Housewives New York Reunion” last night.

Now I may be a little late in the game for just writing this because I tape the show and don’t know when it was first aired (another slight embarrassment). So, last night as my husband is falling asleep and I am up I start watching. Not 10 minutes into the show I feel my blood pressure rising. My husband picks his head up and says “Oh my g-d they are so mean!” and it dawns on me, these women are bullies.

So now the importance of the blog…..I start thinking ….What are these women modeling for their children?

  • To speak their mind…yet not to care how another will feel about what they’re saying!
  • To be strong…yet always at the expense of others.
  • To stand up for what they believe in…and to talk over people until they see things your way.
  • To tell the truth…but be mean-spirited as you tell it.
  • To not listen to others because they don’t agree?

To me, that speaks Bully, and that is what they are modeling for their children and their millions of viewers … how to be a bully (and boy are they good at it).

I would love to have the opportunity to ask each and every one of these women what they have taught their children about how to treat other people. I am sure they would say they want their children to treat others with respect, dignity, empathy and kindness. But if you watch the show that is not at all what they are modeling for their children. As I am watching I wonder to myself when they look back on this footage are they embarrassed? Do they wish they did things differently? Do they realize they are the “Mean Girls?”

All I know is that I don’t want my child to be a bully or a bystander – I want him to be the kid that helps his friend who is being bullied. I want my child to treat people the way he wants to be treated – with respect, dignity, empathy and kindness and that is why I try to model that behavior for him. Children do what we do, not what we say. I guess at the end of the day that is why I wrote this blog. For us as parents to ask ourselves what kind of children are we raising? Behave how you want your child to behave – Model good behavior.

Now I know the Real Housewives shows have millions of viewers and I am one of them. Why are we watching? This is something I will have to explore further at another time. If for nothing else. It made a good blog!

PS. I promised my business partner that I would share that she has never watched any of these shows.

Author: Sally Berenzweig MEd, MA

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