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Today I was at the store with my sister and I hate going to the store because it takes a lot of time and secondarily you spend lots of money.

I remember just six months ago it was costing me $50 per week to eat when I went to the grocery store. Now it is costing between $60 and $70 per week and I haven’t changed my eating habits or anything.

All the other factors are equal so I asked myself “What is the cause of this increase?”

The only logical explanation is the dreaded and what should be a four letter word… INFLATION.

No one likes to talk about this dirty word inflation for what it really is… a secret tax you and I have no control over and no voting ability to affect.

I was pondering my disappointment with this inflation in light of all the recent government bailouts this week which are expected to cost an additional $500 billion on top of the already $600 billion already pledged to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

But then as if by a miracle there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

As I was walking down the toilet paper and paper towel aisle with my sister I overheard this kid talking to his dad.

This man boy couldn’t have been more than 10 or 11 years old. So what caught my attention about him?

This little man was telling his dad and I paraphrase “dad you want to buy this 15 Watt light bulb right here because it is very energy-saving and energy efficient. It will save us lots of money monthly over the light bulbs you had been using. And also there are some other snack goods we can buy which our eco-friendly.”

I was supremely impressed with the social consciousness of this boy and his overall smarts. He was telling his dad how it was going to be and his dad was nodding along agreeing with him.

The dad was extremely grateful that his son was able to tell him these things, I believe in large part because the dad looked overwhelmed and he did not have the time himself to pursue this types of knowledge.

It gave me new hope to borrow the Star Wars movie subtitle for what was going on in this country, my future and of course the generation eight to 10 years behind me.

This little man was in a generation I don’t even believe has been named yet. I believe he was born after the millennials got their name.

So it’s not all bad out there. Though our government leaders are faltering badly in taking us down a terrible path which is 90% likely doomed to failure the resilience of my generation the millennials and the generation behind me, as well as the Gen Xers and the baby boomers will keep us strong going into the future and allow us to overcome any ineptitude’s and gaffes which our leaders are currently undertaking.

So keep your chin up, choose where you invest your money wisely, and continue to teach your kids that readers are leaders and to stay up on current events.

Author: Billy the kid

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