The Toddlers Curse Word

The Toddlers Curse Word

Since most Toddlers can’t count, it’s not a four letter word but rather a six letter word and it can set a five year old into a vicious fury. It’s the word every six year old will use to get even, or to show his or her disdain. Every Parent is well aware of what comes next. When the evil word is used, you know all out war is about to take place.

There is no way to be certain where kids learn this ugly word but I’m sure in many cases it’s the Parents themselves that have brought this curse into their homes. Most like to blame it on TV, Neighbors or even other children.

How the word enters a Child’s world isn’t as important as how to remove it, and washing a Toddler’s mouth out with soap sure isn’t going to do the trick. One of my sisters came up with a cleaver way to get her daughters from using the dreaded word. Every time they uttered the word, the rest of the family would turn to them and say..”Oh, No! You’ve been slimed!”, meaning they had brought something ugly upon themselves. The only way to remove the “slime/ugliness” was to say “I’m sorry”. One thing is for sure….the only thing worse then being S.T.U.P.I.D. to a Toddler is being covered with slime ugly.

How do you get rid of STUPID in your home? Let us know.

Author: ParentingMaven

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