The Weird and Awkward Man Hug

The Weird and Awkward Man Hug

It seems that the “Man Hug” is becoming more and more popular lately. It used to be that you only saw the strange awkward man hug at sporting events or during a touching reunion of Fathers and Sons.

Some time back, Churches began having the hug your neighbor fest which inflicted this strange site on their congregation. Men politely attempted an uncomfortable hug of another man, leaving both feeling a bit embarrassed.

Next came the hug an old college chum or friend you hadn’t seen in years, then the hug your brother or cousin and now it seems you are to hug every other guy that has good news to share.

So to solve this problem and to properly educate our readers on the intricacies of a proper “Man Hug” we offer this video for your viewing.

Author: ParentingMaven

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