– Love It or Hate It?

I have to admit I love those commercials they do. Very creative.

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There is the one with the thirtysomething woman talking to a bunch of tatted up serial killer looking guys in their full prison gear. She tells them she can’t afford to have her kids watching them shivving one another in the prison yard. They of course get defensive and say it’s not shivving its shanking which is a verb.

Then they say blocking them hurts their feelings.

Then there is the one about the drug addict guy, the dominatrix one which is very funny, and the latest one I saw of the big scary zombie guy.

Maybe the funniest part is the mom always saying “I’m not judging you I just have to block you”.

This whole question about parenting and censorship in what is right or wrong for your kids to be taking in and experiencing is a tough one. Also the whole point of when are they mature enough and at what age are certain experiences appropriate.

Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast manual you can go to which has specifics in there. Many times you just have to feel around in the dark and go with your best judgment.

When I was younger my parents and grandparents were anti-MTV. They thought MTV was just of the devil and they were dead set against it.

So they thought they’d be clever and put a password block on MTV. We had satellite TV at the time so the capability to block out certain channels was available.

So they thought they were very clever, felt good about themselves and none of the “evil” would come in and corrupt my young mind.

Now it’s very funny because they don’t remember the password they used so it still remains blocked.

I can certainly see from the kids point of view the frustration of this concept as well as I can also empathize with the parent’s point of view and your desire to protect your kids from the evils of the big bad world. It’s easy to believe the big bad world is going to huff and puff and blow your child’s house of what the world is down.

Protecting your child is certainly a worthy goal and no parent wants to be with their child at 3 a.m. in the morning due to a nightmare. Kids and nightmares is a bad situation for everyone involved.

The biggest key like anything else we’ve talked about is knowing your child. If they’re squeamish or easily scared you’ll probably want to be more protective of them. If those types of things don’t have a major effect on them you can be a bit looser.

So sound off here. How do you feel about organizations like Is it good or bad? What level of censorship is appropriate and what factors do you use in your decision-making on how much to censor your kids?

I’ll look forward to seeing and responding to your comments.

Author: Billy the kid

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