Things New Moms Often Feel Guilty About

Things New Moms Often Feel Guilty About

Surveys suggest that feelings of guilt are inescapable for new mothers. Nearly all moms experience guilty pangs at some level for a variety of reasons. Some are chagrined about the time they’re spending (or not spending) with their little ones. Others regret having yelled at their kids. Still others feel ashamed for lacking the budget to provide their babies with certain amenities.

These reasons and others trigger intense feelings of guilt in moms everywhere. Even though such pangs can serve as the catalyst for providing the love and attention babies need, they can also wreak havoc with your self-confidence as a parent. Below, we’ll describe three self-inflicted guilt trips that new mothers often cope with.

#1 – Formula Versus Breastfeeding

Giving your little one formula instead of breastfeeding her is likely to draw a few glances from others. Society has cultivated the mistaken impression that feeding a baby formula is a sign of neglect. The truth is, millions of women are unable to breastfeed their babies. Some are unable to produce a sufficient milk supply while others cope with physical issues that make breastfeeding all but impossible.

Don’t feel guilty about providing formula for your infant rather than nursing her. One of the most important gifts you can give your little one is the joy of being a content mother. Being unhappy while nursing doesn’t help you or your baby.

#2 – Taking Your Baby To Day Care

If you’re planning to return to work after your maternity leave is over, prepare yourself for an emotional roller coaster. This is one of the most common triggers for mommy guilt. The guilty feelings will be at their most intense on the first day. You’ll need every ounce of strength to resist the temptation to call your boss, quit on the spot, and drive back to the day care facility.

If abandoning your job isn’t an option, you can soften the blow by getting to know the folks at the day care facility prior to returning to the office. Many facilities will even let you leave your little one with them for two or three hours to help you get acclimated. Also, keep in mind that your job provides the income needed to properly care for your baby.

#3 – Having To Forego The Amenities

You visit the park with your infant and notice every other mom has the latest stroller with all of the bells and whistles. While your friends are taking their babies to Chopin symphonies, you’re watching DVDs with your little one at home. While other mothers have rear-seat entertainment systems installed in their SUVs, your baby has a few toys in her car seat.

These types of comparisons can make any mom feel guilty. But remember, your infant couldn’t care less about newfangled strollers or wearing designer baby clothes. The most important factor to her is the bond she shares with you. Watching DVDs with you will likely mean far more to her than listening to Chopin.

If you’re a new mother, prepare yourself to feel the pangs of mommy guilt. That said, the important thing to remember is that those pangs are often unwarranted.

Author: ParentingMaven

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