Time: Your Most Valuable Resource

What is your time worth to you? The American statesman and scientist, Benjamin Franklin, said that time is money. This is true for businesses. A worker that takes longer to complete a task than another worker working at the same salary costs the business money.

Time is measurable so it is like money in that sense. Also, you can not take time or money with you when you die.

Time, as a resource, has unique properties.

  1. We are forced to use time at a constant rate
  2. The inventory is being depleted at an amount of 60 minutes per hour, 24 hours a day, and 168 hours a week
  3. Time is irreplaceable
  4. We are all given a finite amount of time, but we never know how much time we have until we run out of it

I just watched a television commercial by the National Cancer Institute where they were interviewing a lady with cancer who was given two months to live. She said time was flying by. Then her test showed that she not longer showed any signs of cancer. Her doctor told her that she no longer had an expiration date on how long she would live.

According to Wikipedia, time is a component of the measuring system used to sequence events, to compare the durations of events and the intervals between them, and to quantify the motions of objects. Even though time has been a major subject of religion, philosophy, and science, but defining it in a non-controversial manner applicable to all fields of study has consistently eluded the greatest scholars.

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The flow of sand in an hourglass can be used to keep track of elapsed time. It also concretely represents the present as being between the past and the future.

Few of us admit to having enough time, but all of us have all that there is,
that is the paradox of time. TIME is truly our most precious resource.

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