Times Have Changed Since 1945

Times Have Changed Since 1945

I was reading a publication written by seniors for seniors called “Back In My Day”. They were discussing such things as the ice delivery truck delivering blocks of ice to homes and businesses, the good ole days, and how things have changed.

It was interesting to look at a list of 1945 prices.

  1. Minimum Wage – $.40 per hour
  2. Average Annual Salary – $2,900
  3. Cost of a House – $18,000
  4. Cost of a Car – $1,250
  5. Cost of a Gallon of Milk – $.62

I noticed that the writers mentioned what state they were from and they were not from the south. The prices listed above were much higher than they were for the area where I lived in rural Alabama. We did not buy milk, we milked our own cows.

Most people in our area worked for minimum wage or less, yes the law was not enforced and especially for black workers. It was not required to pay farm laborers the minimum wage. Even at minimum wage, someone made .40 times 40 which is $16 dollars a week. I can remember people talking about only making a dollar a day. As a teenage in the early sixties I worked on the farm for $3.00 per day. That was if I was working for another farmer. If I was working for my dad I did not get anything.

The “good ole days” were tough days. I enjoy the life of leisure that I currently live. I did get some good values as I grew up in the tough times and having to work hard. However, with the bad economy, many families today are having to tighten their belt and adjust to living on a limited budget.

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