Tips For Taking Your Infant To Visit Friends

Tips For Taking Your Infant To Visit Friends

Visiting friends is a treat for both you and your baby. Remember, babies love to explore new places. Entering a new home filled with unfamiliar furniture, corners, and hallways represents an exciting new world to your infant. The challenge is maintaining a conversation with your host while making sure your toddler doesn’t get herself into trouble. If she crawls out of sight for even a minute or two, she might get her hands on something valuable or dangerous.

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Below, you’ll learn 4 easy tips for ensuring the safety of your baby, the patience of your host, and your own sanity. Use the following advice to make visiting others a pleasant experience for everyone.

#1 – Pack Favorite Toys

Babies are naturally drawn toward things which fascinate them. If they don’t have access to anything of their own that holds their attention, the mysteries of a new house will become irresistible. Your infant will invariably have toys that captivate her. For example, she may have a favorite doll, stuffed animal, or blanket. Bring them to keep her occupied. That said, you may want to leave the noisy toys at home.

#2 – Pack Safety Supplies

It’s easy to overlook common items without considering their potential danger. When you arrive at your friend’s home, take a few moments to inspect the area for hidden hazards. For example, exposed outlets, stairs, and breakable furniture (i.e., plates, vases, etc.) can injure your baby. Purchase plugs to stick into outlets; bring a folding gate to block your infant’s access to stairs and other rooms. You might even want to bring a portable crib for her to play in.

#3 – Pack Changing Supplies

Besides diapers, pack a pad or heavy towel on which to change your baby. Otherwise, you risk soiling the area on which you’re changing her. Also, consider bringing a plastic bag that you can use to seal off the dirty diaper. That way, it won’t produce any odors in your friend’s home.

#4 – Pack Favorite Snacks

A lot of babies love to nibble on crackers or toast. Crackers are easy to pack and can instantly transform a fussy infant into a happy one. If your baby enjoys toast, ask your friend if she would be willing to make some for her. When given the option between making a piece of toast and talking over a crying baby, few hosts would choose the latter.

Babies can be unpredictable and their safety requires your constant vigilance. That doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the joys of spending quality time with your friends. Instead, plan ahead and use the 4 tips above. By packing some essentials, you can enjoy your friends’ companionship while ensuring the safety and well-being of your baby.

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