To Be or Not To Be?

To Be or Not to Be? … circumcised?

That is the question I remember agonizing over as the sonogram revealed I was having a boy.

As a woman, I cannot speak from actual physical experience on the physical or mental aspects of circumcision. There are plenty of ethical and medical arguments to be considered. Many scientific studies have been done and the results vary widely.

For most parents, it comes down to personal preference. For most mothers, the number one issue they grapple with is the pain of the procedure.

I conferred with my OB who assured me that he was very quick with the procedure and the pain, in his opinion, was short lived.

I also researched the Internet and several parenting books. They offered me little assurance because their opinions differed so greatly.

Finally, after I had almost worried myself into a frenzy, my husband spoke up. He told me that he didn’t have any memory of the procedure and his male parts were intact and worked just fine.

In the end, I decided to have the procedure done to my son even though it seemed so barbaric to inflict that upon a newborn child. As the doctor promised, my son was only gone for 10 minutes and was returned to me swaddled in his blanket and contentedly sucking his pacifier.

I have no doubt that it was painful. The doctor did not use an anesthetic. Then again, being squeezed through my birth canal, couldn’t have been a walk in the park either. My son did wince and cry when I changed his diaper for the first couple of days. It healed quickly and to this day, he has no conscious memory that the event ever occurred.

My personal preference was for my son to look like his father. My second son was also circumcised and I have no regrets to this day.

Author: Gabriella Parker

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