Toddler Biting – Stopping the rabid biter boy

Toddler Biting – Stopping the rabid biter boy

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I’m beginning to believe that I’m in more danger of being bitten when in a room full of toddlers than if I was thrown into a den of wolves.  Toddlers seem to have a taste for human flesh, especially if it’s the flesh of a mommy or the tasty visiting toddler from next door.

Toddlers love to bite for a number of reasons but the number one reason comes from frustration.  They don’t have the vocabulary to express their feelings and therefore react by biting.

Toddler bites are serious and can cause infection.  This is one behavior that must be addressed quickly.

If you have a child that bites, just try these quick tips and remember that consistency is crucial when modifying toddler behavior.

  • Don’t over stimulate the children – provide simple play toys and be sure to have enough for all the children
  • Teach children to say “NO” when they don’t like other children’s behavior – give them a way to express their feelings
  • Tell children that biting is not acceptable behavior – Hugs are good, biting is bad
  • Always comfort the victim first and separate the offender
  • Speak in a calm voice and let the child know that he will not be allowed to play with other kids if he continues to bite.
  • Some kids bite because they are teething and it feels good – provide safe alternatives for the child to bite.

Most children will grow out of this stage eventually but for the safety of all concerned, encourage your child  to  find  other ways to express his/her frustration.

Author: ParentingMaven

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