Too Poor for McDonalds – What’s a Single Mom to do?

Too Poor for McDonalds – What’s a Single Mom to do?

Life sure has changed, since the days of living in the “big” house, driving the new BMW and designer clothes. That was pre-divorce. There was a time when popping into the fast food drive-in of my choice was an almost daily routine… to my son’s absolute glee. It may not have been healthy physically, but it was a real emotional lift for us both.

Like many newly single parents, divorce not only took an emotional, physical and spiritual toll but also a big financial toll. As the economy continues to decline with food and gas on the rise, it is has become more and more difficult to survive as a Single Parent.

With most States having a Maximum Income allowed for assistance far below that which the average single parent needs in order to feed and shelter her kids, more and more parents are having to make hard choices. Choices like … “do I feed the kids or the dog?” or “do I use the gas in the mower to mow the foot tall grass or cypher it to the car”? Or do we buy toilet paper this week or kitty litter? There was a time when “paper or plastic?” was the big question.

Not too long ago visiting the Dentist for a cleaning every six months was a necessity. In today’s economy, health insurance is only for the wealthy, dental care a luxury and with the rising cost of toothpaste, baking soda is looking pretty good.

Things that were once taken for granted, like makeup, hair salons, nice clothes and new shoes are no longer even considered. Replaced with things like laundry detergent, garbage bags, paper towels and shampoo as the new personal expenditures.

Gone are the days of the Sunday drive… replaced by praying for enough gas to make it to the grocery store.

As money gets tighter, and the need for help increases, more and more States are decreasing rather than increasing their willingness to help the needy. Charitable organizations already taxed from helping with natural disasters like floods, tornadoes and hurricanes are turning away more and more single parents.

Landlords and Utility Companies continue to charge exorbitant “late fees” to the point that there is no hope for the poor to ever get caught up. Phone companies add more and more phantom fees and up the cost to reconnect a phone after disconnecting within days of a payment’s past due date.

As money gets tighter… more and more single parents and their children are falling through the cracks, left hungry and always on the brink of homelessness.

With Congress busy bailing out the Banks, who will bail out the Single Moms and Dads along with their children?

Author: ParentingMaven

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