Top 5 Tips to Be an Uber Cool Apple Parent

Top 5 Tips to Be an Uber Cool Apple Parent

Apple is the cool hip technology often confined and reserved to cool, anti-establishment teen white males as well as their other demographic of middle-aged white guy super geeks. At least the numbers show this to be the main demographic.

It has also filtered into and now dominates college campuses everywhere. The Apple line of Macbook Pros and the new Macbooks are the preferred laptops for college students on American campuses.

Steve jobs has remade Apple serving the cool, hip and extremely individualize computer user who wants to express themselves through their choice of computer and its funky customizable colors.

And Apple has positioned itself in the market at the upper end of the pricing scale which further gives their users, and some would say gold members, further bragging rights over Windows PC users.

So knowing this main demographic how can you as a parent be an “Uber cool Apple parent”?

I know it’s a daunting task but here are five tips to start you on your way and stop you being such an uncool dork:

1. Get an iPhone and/or iPod and become hip to these cool Apple gadgets

2. At least learn the jargon of the Mac OS, leopard OS X, and iPhone apps

3. Get a Macbook pro or iMac and do some basic video editing of the family videos and convert them to digital if they’re not already.

4. Along the same vein any sports highlights of your son or dance recitals of your daughter make a cool video montage using your Apple, add in a cool soundtrack and text your kids to check their e-mail for it

5. Hook up Apple TV and give each kid a separate, personalized account they can have their favorite TV shows in

P.S. As a super bonus you can take your kids to the MacWorld conference held each year. The next one from Jan 5-9, 2009 is being held in San Fransisco. (Admittedly, this only works if your kids are really into Apple and like technology. If they just want the gear to look cool in front of their friends then ignore this super bonus tip).

Even as a parent you can be part of the cool upscale apple culture…even considered a cool parent by your kids.

It’s going to take some work, some knowledge, some time, and most of all trust. (And I have to admit some just may not get it no matter what)

But most can get there as long as you put forth some effort, have faith, and follow these tips.

Author: Billy the kid

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