Top 6 Signs Your Child Is Using Drugs

Top 6 Signs Your Child Is Using Drugs

This question came to us from one of our readers.

Parenting Articles Parenting Help Parenting Help Parenting Tips   First, let’s make some things clear. These are not absolute signs your child is taking drugs. But they can give you a pretty clear idea which could lead you to further research and clues to the truth.

For example, somewhere in the middle is mentioned ‘recent bad performance in school’ as an indicator if your child is taking drugs. But it doesn’t have to mean, if your child is having bad grades that he’s a drug addict. However, it is an excellent indicator for future research.

So, before we begin, let’s ask ourselves, why do our children decide to take drugs?

There are many reasons. One of the most common ones is, curiosity. They heard drugs are bad and can kill them, but may make some rationalization like ‘Hey, I’ll just try a bit, I won’t get addicted!’ Of course, this isn’t true.

The other reason is for peer pressure and the need to fit in. Maybe their friends take drugs so they pressure your child to try some too.

So, the first sign that your child is taking drugs is that they changed their friend group. Maybe they abandoned their old friends and found a new social circle. Of course, this isn’t a 100% indicator that your child is taking drugs but it is something to become curious of. Why the change in social circle? Maybe you’ll want to talk to him and ask him for the reason (but don’t expect a true answer.) Then maybe you’ll want to do some ‘background research’ on your child’s new friends.Parenting Articles Parenting Help Parenting Help Parenting Tips

The second sign that your child is taking drugs is mood swings. And when I mean that, I think of EXTREME mood changes from happy to depressed or angry.

Is your child starting to borrow more money from you? That’s a sign too.

Also, many drug addicts want to show their new ‘identity’. Look if your child is doing clothing changes and using clothes that highlight drug use.

Can you find any evidence of drug use? Have you noticed any alcoholic beverages missing? How about the medicine cabinet? Have you found unexplained empty containers around the house or grounds? Any paraphernalia? Has he suddenly started smoking cigarettes openly? Look for missing prescription drugs – especially narcotics and mood stabilizers.

Also you may find evidence of inhaling products and accessories, such as nail polish, hair spray, paper bags, correction fluid and rags.

Also a sign of drug use is a change in attitude. Maybe your child started to develop a negative attitude toward anti-drug use material? Can you notice if he developed a negative attitude toward some authority figures in his life?

As you can see, these cannot be clear indicators that your child is on drugs. When I was a child I had around 80% of these ‘signs’ but still I wasn’t on drugs. Some further snooping is required if you see any of these behaviors exhibited by your child.

So, what’s the best solution? Having a good communication with your child. Even research has shown that children who have good communication with their parents have a better chance of avoiding drug use. Why? Part of having good communication with your child is being honest about things. He knows that if he has a problem he can tell you openly about it without fear of being judged.

So I want you to see those signs as tools that can help you discover if your teen is taking drugs and use the previous things I told you as the foundation. If you have a good foundation usually you don’t even have to use those ‘tools’ and your detective job will be lot easier. But, if that’s not the case then it might be a little bit of hard work.

All of these factors are simply clues leading you to the ultimate conclusion…is my child or not?

Author: Billy the kid

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