Top Five Mom Myths

Top Five Mom Myths

Some moms think that everyone else is better at being a mom, especially their neighbor. They wonder if they are a good mom.

Five common motherhood myths according to Christine Nicholson, PhD, a clinical psychologist:

  1. A good mom likes her children all the time
    It is OK to let your children know when they are not your favorite people. If you suppress these feelings then you are more likely to lose control and act in a way that you will regret later.

    It is impossible for you to be happy with your children all the time and they will not be happy with you all the time. Some days you just want to throw up your hands and walk out. Be happy and caring for your children at least 75% of the time.

  2. A good mom bonds with her children immediately
    A mom usually falls in love instantly with their first child but may find this instant attachment is not there for another child. It may take several month to feel the same bond that you felt with the first child instantly.

    Women have strong instincts to protect, nurture and love their children. Sometimes, bonding isn’t instantaneous. This bond will grow strong as you get to know them and they get to know you. Focus on the many successes you help your child achieve as he/she grows.

  3. A good mom balances it all
    There’s no need in pretending that you can do it all. Don’t break your neck trying or you will just get really stressed. Get support from other mothers, friends, and relatives. Take turns supporting each other. Get your spouse to help you.

    You need to recognize your limitations and be willing to make some compromises. You also need to schedule some down time. Go for a walk, put your feet up and read a magazine, and of course care for your family.

  4. A good mom spends a lot of time with her kids and they like her because of it
    You volunteer in the classroom, help with field trips, and help with the children’s church groups just to get closer to your child. You may be giving your child too much extra attention. When your child is ready for more independence, then back off and don’t spend as much time with them. But be there when you are needed.
  5. A good mom belongs to one big, supportive Moms Club
    There will be times when the other moms think that you are being too strict on your child or you are not letting your child participate in enough activities. You know best how much time will be needed for homework and developing good family relationships. If the child is too involved then they may not do as well in some of the activities. You and your child should decide what activities your child will participate in and not worry about what the other moms say.

Mom, trust your mothering instincts, and you will be a good mom.

Author: ParentingUncle

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