Use Painted Smiley Pumpkins For Halloween 2008

Painted Smiley Pumpkins Are great For The Autumn Season
Instead of celebrating Halloween 2008 with spooks, ghosts, and pumpkins with evil faces; use painted pumpkins with smiling faces. This is easy, fun, and fast and may include kids and grown-ups.

Create different looks and personalities by using different shapes for the eyes, nose, mouth, and eyelashes. Use your imagination to create the smiley pumpkin faces.

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Smiley Pumpkins

Pumpkin Eyes
For the pumpkin’s eyes use dots or ovals with small black circles. The ovals may be horizontal or vertical. The small black circles my be a complete circle, a partial circle located on the edge to show the eyes looking in a certain direction.

Pumpkin Mouth
For the pumpkin’s mouth use a curved jagged line opening upward, a mouth shape, or a mouth with smiling teeth. Jagged teeth have been used with carved pumpkins because they are easy to carve.

Pumpkin Nose
For the pumpkin’s nose use a triangle, an oval (horizontal or vertical), a downward curved line, or a shape of your choice.

Pumpkin Eyelashes
For the pumpkin’s eyelashes use a downward curved line, rectangular blocks or small stokes to imitate eyelashes.

Pumpkin Hair and Hat
For the pumpkin’s hair you may use straw or anything you have that might look like hair. You may put a hat on the pumpkin. Any hat is fine but you may want to use a straw hat. You also may put a silk flower on the hat.

Pumpkin Paint and Paint Brushes
Acrylic paints work best to paint your pumpkin. Most craft paints will work fine. Inexpensive paint brushes may be used and you may find some with different shaped brushes. A sealer will make the colors move vibrant and will also help to weather proof the painted pumpkin.

It is OK to leave the pumpkins outside but you need to bring them inside during frost or freezing weather. You may choose to use a covering on cold nights instead of bringing them inside. The paint may crack if the pumpkins are left outside during freezing weather.

Painting pumpkins possibly could provide smiles, joy, and laughter for children and adults. The painted pumpkins may also make an appropriate gift throughout the Fall season. Pumpkin painting can also done with small groups in which you are active.

The painted pumpkins should last through the Thanksgiving season or longer.

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