Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for your Husband

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for your Husband

Is your husband one of those guys that have everything?

Are you struggling for ideas for his Valentine’s Day gift?

Men are never easy to buy for, but Valentine’s Day seems to be the toughest. The problem for most women is… well… we think like women! We want to buy something romantic that expresses how we FEEL, but to most men FEEL is a four-letter word that is best to be avoided at all costs.

Most women would not be happy getting a vacuum or toaster for Valentine’s Day, but yet we expect our husbands to be happy with ….flowers??? We plan elaborate romantic getaways and search out the perfect sentimental card, when in reality all they wanted was a new BBQ grill or fishing rod.

A major part of a healthy growing relationship is knowing your partners interests, their likes and desires and then meeting those desires. Is your husband an avid golfer? Plan a weekend trip to his favorite golf resort. If that’s not in the budget, get him a gift card to his favorite golf shop or schedule some tee time at his favorite course.

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