Van Envy Struggles Of A Car-Pooling Mom

Van Envy Struggles Of A Car-Pooling Mom
Parenting Articles Parenting Help   It’s been several years since my son was part of the Saturday-morning Kid’s Bowling League, but my struggles with “Van Envy” continue.

It started when my son first joined the bowling league at the age of eight.  Every Saturday I would round up a herd of boys and girls, pack them into my (brand name deleted to protect the guilty) piece-of-crap van and set off on my thirty mile journey to the World Of Sports Fun bowling alley.

I loved spending time with the kids, however my attempts to conceal my van embarrassment were easily thwarted by the opposing team.  Each Saturday, I would pull up to the Fun Center, push the auto sliding door of my above mentioned piece-of-crap van, cover my ears as the loud squealing motor attempted to open the passenger-side sliding door only to fail half-way and  unload my six little bowlers.   Meanwhile, in the next spot over …. SuperMom pushed her little button releasing the locks on her dual-sliding doors.  Envy made me peek inside each week.

  • SuperMom’s Toyota Van had comfy captain’s chairs even in the back.
  • SuperMom’s Toyota Van had a DVD system to keep her kiddies happy.
  • SuperMom’s Toyota Van had one of those nifty rear-view cameras
  • SuperMom’s Toyota even had more cup-holders

And, let’s face it ….  even though SuperMom’s bowlers were twice the size of mine, they all seemed to fit comfortably in her supervan.  There was no yelps of “stop touching me”, or “you’re hogging the seat” coming from the back seats of  HER van.

Recently, I read about the Toyota Special Incentives available on their site so….I’m thinking it’s time to once and for all cure my van envy and go get a new Sienna.

Unfortunately, SuperMom has moved away so I can’t gloat, but I do know of another Mom with an old piece-of-crap van that I can park next to at the grocery store. *smile *



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