Vigilante Mom, Ellie Nesler dies at 56

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Ellie Nesler dies at 56

Vigilante Mom, Ellie Nesler dies at 56

The sad story of Ellie Nesler has come to an end. Ellie Nesler was at the center of the vigilante justice controversy when she stood up in a Tuolumne County courthouse in 1993 and fired five shots into the head of her son’s alleged molester.

Daniel Driver, a Christian Camp Counselor, had been accused of molesting four boys, including Nester’s son, William. Stating that she believed Driver would walk free and that she wanted her son to feel safe again, Nester showed little remorse. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison but was released after 3 years. She later return to prison for another 3 years on drug charges.

The sad story continued with the conviction in 2004 of her son, William Nester on charges he murdered a disabled neighbor over a dispute. William had spent years in and out of trouble with the law. His family and friends said he had gone from a sweet kid to a raging brat after the abuse.

Ellie died Friday, December 26th after a long battle with cancer.

I’m not sure if I would have taken Daniel Drivers life had it been my son, but I can’t help but think about the other boys that Drivers may have had opportunity to molest. The courts need to consider locking up those that would harm our children and throwing away the key. If we would stop allowing them 2nd and 3rd chances to molest and instead make it a “once is more than enough” to go to jail for life sentence, than maybe we could save the lives of our most innocent citizens.

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