Walmart employee dies in Black Friday Stampede

Walmart employee dies in Black Friday Stampede

A 34 year old Walmart employee was killed this morning by hordes of greedy shoppers and a 28 year old pregnant woman was injured. This is shameful beyond words and makes me wonder whether it is time to stop the “Black Friday” tradition.

What a horrible way to begin the season of giving …. filled with so much greed that a group of people could push and shove their way through another human being. What happened to normal civil behavior? Have we really sunk this low?

To make matters worse, when shoppers were told that an employee had died and were asked to leave the store, many became upset, not at the tragedy that a young man had died, and not out of concern for his family, but because they had “waited for hours online and were not leaving until they had finished shopping”. How selfish and callous can we get as a society?

Something needs to change in our Nation and it’s not just who is President. If we want true change here in America, it needs to start with our greedy little hearts.

Author: ParentingMaven

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