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Billy the Kid

Inner City Youth Magazine Salesman – I believe her her name was Tara.

She said she was from Cincinnati, Ohio and was working for this program for inner-city youth which allows single young adults to travel around and work on their communication skills, outgoingness, and salesmanship.

She told me a little bit about this program and herself and that she needed my” vote”. She was quick to say it’s nothing political nor organizational.

We were talking for probably 3-4 minutes and I had no idea what she wanted from me. What does this mysterious “vote” mean?

So being a copywriter who does sales and marketing I thought I’d give her a few tips.

I asked her how she got involved with this. I also asked her about her accent because she seemed to have a slight Texas accent definitely nothing of an Ohio or northeasterly accent.

She continued to look me in the eye and was quick with her answer. Because her nephew had died, her favorite aunt had moved to Dallas, and she had decided to come live with her.

So she had credibility and believability there. None of my red flags were raised.

So after getting this bit of information I told her a couple of things.

First off telling me a bunch of different things about the program as far as how they have young adults from Cincinnati, Wisconsin, Alabama, New York and all these various places did nothing to get me more on her side or connect me to her.

But I told her the part about her nephew dying and her moving to live with her aunt in Dallas was very relevant. And that she should highlight her personal story more when doing her sales pitch to people.

During our conversation she also mentioned there are only 60 young adults in the program nationwide. And the selections are made once a year. And there are thousands of applicants who want to get into the program.

So I told her she should emphasize the prestigious nature of her selection being one of the 60 out of thousands and how she was working hard to better herself in this world.

She did mention she was going to use the points and money she earned from this program to pay for her college.

Whether this is true or not I can’t know 100%. But she didn’t have the feel of a stripper so I believe the college story to be the truth.

The other thing I told her to improve her marketing pitch was to get to her offer quicker.

Bottom line, she’s selling magazine subscriptions. Since I had no use for a magazine subscription she said there was a halfway house where they take battered women I could donate a subscription to.

So I told her within her initial spiel to tell people a little bit about the program, highlight the parts about herself, and get into what she wanted me to do. In essence get into her offer faster.

Tell me what she has and what her offer is so I’ll know what to do and I can make an informed decision.

Of course this approach won’t work for everyone because I’m a bottom line kind of guy. Give me a little about your story and then quickly get to the point.

I don’t need a bunch of useless and inane details about the story. Just tell me what you want me to do and I’ll decide if I’m going to comply.

She asked me to repeat the tip about the prestigious selection part three different times so she could get.

She didn’t know it but this in and of itself proved to me she was listening and further connected me to her.

At the end of our meeting I had planned to donate $10 to her in cash. She said the minimum subscription they had was $30.

Since I had decided that $10 was the appropriate donation I said “Wait here, I’ll go get the $10 and just donate to you in cash. You can buy your lunch or do whatever you want with it. This is my small contribution to you bettering yourself.”

I always appreciate when people get out there and take action to better themselves. I hope this story will in some way shed some light for you about parenting but on the surface nothing parenting related is immediately apparent.

But the meaning you’re supposed to get will come to you.

How do you feel about door-to-door salesman? Are your kids using any of these tactics on you?

I’ll look forward to seeing your comments and joining in the conversation.

Author: Billy the kid

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