Weird Mommy’s Messed up Fun Day

I admit it, I’m not normal. My twisted sense of humor has a way of seeping out, but at least my son and his friends can say hanging out at my house was always fun. Especially on “Messed up Fun Day”. Every now and then I would simply declare the day as messed up. My son and his friends would then know that we would be bending the rules of society. Here’s a list of some of the things we added to our Fun day.

  1. Eating Hotdogs for breakfast and cereal for dinner
  2. Putting our elbows on the table and talking with our mouths full
  3. Wearing two different colored socks
  4. Talking in strange voices
  5. Singing everything instead of talking normal
  6. Walking backwards
  7. Putting our clothes on backwards or inside out
  8. Drinking from bowls instead of cups (warning this can get messy..LOL)
  9. Reading sentences backwards…as in the last word back to the first word
  10. Coloring outside of the lines

The kids always knew that their ideas were encouraged within certain boundaries and had fun coming up with new things to try. Laughter was allowed and seeing Mommy heading out to pick up the mail with her clothes on backwards wearing one shoe and one purple sock and singing “Hello” to the neighbors was a sure method of bringing on fits of hysteria. Of course this might be the reason my neighbors avoided me.

Author: ParentingMaven

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