What Message Do You Send Your Children about Alcohol?

What Message Do You Send Your Children about Alcohol?

Parenting Help Parenting Help Parenting Teens   Coming from a family that abused alcohol frequently, I have strong feelings about alcohol consumption. That’s not to say I don’t drink occasionally, I just have high standards about how, when, and where it should be enjoyed, especially around children.

I recently read an article by Paul Clarke, blogger of The Cocktail Chronicles, in which he made a profound statement. He said, “I realize that every time I take a drink in front of my children, a message is being sent.”

I have always believed in that idea and have practiced it accordingly around my children. I don’t hide the fact that I drink on occasion. I actually use that time as an opportunity to discuss responsible consumption.

The Ad council has recently released commercials stating that “Buzzed driving IS drunk driving”. I agree but I even go one step further. I teach my children that even one alcoholic drink is too many to drive.

I have on several occasions enjoyed a glass of wine or mixed drink at a family dinner and then asked someone to drive us home. I would get quite a few weird looks from my children as I would slip into the passenger seat or back seat of the family minivan. It was the perfect opportunity to practice what I preach. I explained to them that I could not drive because I had drank alcohol and that they should never drink even a little bit and drive.

I no longer get the weird stares. Now, when they see me slip into another seat, they just casually sayParenting Help Parenting Help Parenting Teens   “Mommy has been drinking again.” I hope the message they remember is not so casual.

So, what message do you give your children about alcohol? Do you drinking frequently? Do you get so intoxicated that you fall down, slur your words, or cry incessantly making a spectacle of yourself? Maybe you don’t drink at all? However you practice alcohol consumption, your children ARE watching and paying attention.


Author: Gabriella Parker

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