What Social Media Sins will your child have to live with?

What Social Media Sins will your child have to live with?

Parenting Help Parenting Help   Here’s a few more facts to back up my case for Responsible Parenting over “Cool” Parenting.

According to a recent survey from EMarketer.com on Teen Internet Use:

  • 75% of teens ages 12-17 are actively online.
  • 60% of those teens acknowledge things that a friend wrote on their profiles could “HARM THEIR CAREERS” later in life.
  • 48% said they had written things that could cause them embarrassment later
  • 38% Already regretted some of the items that appeared on their Social Media Profiles

The point is …. Parents, YOU need to be there for your teens. They need your wisdom and guidance. Once something is posted on the internet, they can’t take it back. It breaks my heart to think of the consequences that some of these immature young individuals will have to pay later in life.

Teens may not like our “intrusion” into their lives now … but will be grateful later.

Parents …It is your responsibility to know what is being posted to your child’s Social Media accounts. You need to take the time to talk to your teens and not only caution them on the perils of the internet but monitor them as well.

After all, your brilliant daughter may end up running for President… It would be ashame to have her teen mistakes be out there to be used against her. Or, you wouldn’t want pictures of proof showing up when your son says “I tried it, but didn’t inhale”.

Think about it… if you wouldn’t want them to do it public… then you certainly don’t want them to do it in front of the worldwide web.

Author: ParentingMaven

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