When A Child Goes Missing

When A Child Goes Missing
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Yesterday morning, I arrived at work grumpy, filled with complaints, annoyed at the world in general.

Full of selfish “Why Me’s”…

I grabbed a crappy cup of coffee.

Turned on the old “Big Bertha” PC.

Checked my email.

Checked my Twitter messages and nearly dropped my crappy coffee.


Suddenly, all my complaints seemed petty and meaningless.

My seventeen year old friend was missing.  It had already been over twenty-four hours.

When a child goes missing.   Nothing else matters.

Thankfully, this story has a fairly happy ending.  She has been found safe.

As is true of most drama in my life, I learned a few lessons.

Number One:  It is possible to love someone you have never met.

I’ve been tweeting, facebooking and in general online messaging this young lady and her mother for several years but have never had the pleasure of their company.  Yet, I do think of them as close friends and would do anything possible to keep them safe.  In many ways, I am closer to them then to people I see every day.

Number Two:  Action is better than No Action

I had to do something.  Even though I was hundreds of miles away, I just had to do something to help.

Number Three:  People really do care

It truly amazed me how many people jumped in to help.  Moments after I sent out a tweet to the 67,000 @ParentingMaven followers, the link to the missing child poster went zipping across the internet, quickly being reposted by hundreds of caring Mommy Bloggers, Celebrities and regular folks everywhere.

I know there have been scams of missing kids in the past and many savvy bloggers, tweeters and facebookers ignore such requests, but I am happy that in this very real instance  that was not the case.

A hearty Thank YOU to all that retweeted.

Number Four:  Stop worrying about the little things

Compared to a missing child…. everything else is the little things.

Number Five:  Prayer Matters (This is the most important thing)

All I can say is, “If you’re a person that prays and hears from God, you know exactly what I’m saying, if you don’t pray or know God, than you can’t possibly know how much prayer matters in the tough times”.

Thank God for the comfort, peace and caring He has shown me and those who sought Him during this ordeal.

Once Again… Thank you to all my online friends and family that jumped in to help.  I love you all.


Author: ParentingMaven

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