When Parents Make No Sense…

Are you or a parent you know afflicted with PMNS?

Do you have frequent bouts of order giving, absent mindedness, and lack of focus?

Then you may have PMNS…and parenting help me is the cure. Side effects of parenting help me cure may include:

  • better health and peace of mind
  • better relationship with your child(ren)
  • less arguing with your child(ren)
  • better behavior from your child without you having to constantly nag them

I realize these side effects don’t follow with the normal drug communications you see out there. However, this is far more real and far more powerful because it’s long lasting (and you don’t have to fork over $100+ every month for ‘another bottle of pills’).

SO here’s how I got onto this topic…today my parents wouldn’t let my sister use one of the cars to meet me at the movie. Don’t know exactly why.

The official stated reason was “I’m going somewhere and need it”.

Of course, there was a car there and ready to be used. They have enough cars for each person to be using one. Maybe it’s a control thing.

Long ago I discovered the futility of attempting to understand their motives, to rationalize their thinking and decision making.

My other sister said it best “Sometimes, they just seem crazy”.

Many times they just make decisions which are completely illogical to me. And as you’ve read in my “Because I Said So” post on this blog they make very liberal overuse of the phrase “Because I Said So”.

You don’t have to give a 2 hour dissertation on why you’re making each and every decision, just a quick hitting 1 minute or less this is the reason(s) why little Johnny.

He may interject some very rational and relevant points as to why not. Of course, when these have merit they give you a point-of-view you never would have had before.

Bottom line is don’t be crazy all the time. Some crazy is ok, even welcome. But crazy all the time wears thin extremely fast.

Justify at least some of your decision making and be willing to hear your kids perspective on it.

Author: Billy the kid

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