Why Do People Love Furry Pets?

Why do People Love Furry Pets?

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Billy the Kid

I never understood the pet thing. People just love pets especially dogs and some people cats.

I had a dog I named Bob when I was 10 years old. I got it as a puppy and it was just your regular average garden-variety mutt. I got it for free.

I quickly found out I’m not a dog person. Because they constantly want attention and you have to feed and water them every day.

And at this time my parents were the ones paying for the vet bills and the food bills. I can only imagine my resentment of this dog had I been paying these bills as well as having to take time out of my day to feed and water it.

A couple weeks after I got the dog we went over to my granddad’s house. He’s got a big wooded area in his backyard which backs up against a few thousand acre nature preserve.

Parenting Help Parents and Pets   Bob was outside roaming around but didn’t stay in the yard. He apparently went in the woods and ran away because after that day I never saw him again.

I was a little bit sad at first but within a few hours was very glad because I no longer had to take care of it and take time out of my day to feed and water it.

But this question of why people love their pets so much and even treat them better than their kids puzzled me. Of course, for those without kids a pet can be that substitute.

What plagued me is why people are so big into dogs and cats. Why not lizards and snakes? Or spiders?

I know with snakes you can feed them basically once a month and that’s all the maintenance you have to do. Plus the added bonus is their feces are dry. And they only shed their skin once a year and it remains in one big piece.

So the beauty is no smelly liquid dog doo on your carpet as well as no nasty fur shedding year-round leaving hair all over your house and clothes.

So I wanted to get to the bottom of this and I talked to my sister who has a dog and is a known dog lover.

She has one of those Paris Hilton chihuahua dogs she can carry around in her purse.

The basic reason she gave for loving her dog is that her dog, Gizmo is always with her. Even when she’s alone she always feels like she has a friend because of her dog.

I still didn’t get it.

This dog can’t love, can’t speak, can’t give advice, nor can it empathize.

But I guess at the end of the day having some other breathing animated mammal makes her feel a sense of togetherness.

I definitely look forward to you telling me why you have a dog and love your dog. Gimme some concrete reasons because I still don’t understand it.

I’ll look forward to your thoughts and comments.

Author: Billy the kid

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