Your Baby And Your Friendships: Maintaining A Healthy Balance

Your Baby And Your Friendships: Maintaining A Healthy Balance

Being a new mother, while exciting (and exhausting), presents its share of challenges. Among them, it’s often difficult to maintain relationships with your network of girlfriends. With your newborn demanding your attention around the clock, the flexibility you once enjoyed is all but a memory. Last-minute dinner plans are a thing of the past. So too, are quick getaways and hours spent chatting on the phone.

Even though you’re no longer able to grab your keys at a moment’s notice and meet your girlfriends for a quick drink, you can still enjoy relationships that are important to you. The key is to find a healthy balance. In this article, we’ll provide a few useful ideas that will help you avoid losing touch with your sisterhood.

Dealing With Disconnection

It’s important to realize that some of your friends may not be able to relate to the events you’re experiencing as a new mom. You’re bound to feel disconnected to some of them due to your paths moving in different directions. For example, before giving birth to your baby, you may have been able to talk with your girlfriends for hours without realizing how much time had passed. Now, you’re experiencing different feelings, stresses, and events; you may not relate as well to them.

This is normal. Because your availability is so limited, now is the time to think about the relationships that are most important to you. If you were forced to choose between them, which friendships would you consider a high priority?

Showing That You Care

The best way to communicate to your friends that you care about their place in your life is also the simplest: tell them. Make it clear that you value them. Explain that while having a newborn is changing your life, you’ll do everything possible not to lose touch. Even if you’re no longer able to spend hours consoling your girlfriends through their latest heartbreaks, a quick phone call can do wonders. Setting aside a little time to stay in touch can mean the difference between maintaining important relationships and saying goodbye through absence.

Consider Their Perspective

Few things will have as great an impact on your life as becoming a new mom. As a result, your perspective is bound to change. For example, you and your girlfriends may have once been horrified by a mother breastfeeding her newborn in a restaurant. Today, it might seem convenient.

Try to see things through the same lens as your friends. Think about their feelings and sensitivities. You may want to spend hours telling them about your baby’s first burp, but they’re unlikely to find it as engaging. Remember, friendships are about sharing feelings and experiences. Your girlfriends will want to hear about your little one. But, they also want to share their lives with you. So, ask them to do so.

It may be challenging to maintain your friendships after you become a new mother. But, it’s possible. Evaluate which relationships are most important to you, let your girlfriends know that you care, and keep their perspective in mind. You’ll find that doing so will make it far easier to stay connected to your sisterhood.

Author: ParentingMaven

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