Should You Allow Your Kid to Have a Pet?

Parenting Help Parents and Pets   The pros and cons are many. So let’s get right into it.

First I want to tell you about a time in the not too distant past in a faraway kingdom…

Only kidding, but I did get a dog when I was roughly 7 years old. I’d been begging my mom for least two years to let me get a dog.

She finally agreed and we picked up this scruffy little mutt which was part Labrador and part Golden Retriever. It was always running around, barking, and digging.

It dug out twice and ran away. The first time we found it but the second time was over at my granddad’s house and he has a vast acreage of wooded land backing up to his house and we never found Casey again.

She apparently ran deep into the woods and got lost.

I was very broken up at the time and definitely upset about losing my dog which I’d had only for eight days.

But very quickly I realized just how nice it was to not have to be responsible for it. I no longer had to waste time, which could be better used playing video games, to bother and getting up to feed and water the dog.

I also never had to take it out for a walk and burn time doing that.

It was a good experience and caused me to realize there’s definitely pros and cons and I had a far better understanding of why my mom had held out for so long and kept saying “no”.

So now the pros:

1. It’s something for your kids to play and run around with

2. Dogs can protect your child and scare potential trouble away

3. It teaches your kids some responsibility

4. In most cases dogs are loyal friends

And now for the cons:

1. Pets are often very messy and can shed hair in your house

2. Pets can be out playing and get into mud and track footprints onto your carpet

3. They can go to the bathroom inside your house

4. Usually you end up having to feed, water and play with them because your kid gets bored with it after only a few days

5. The significant expenses of food, shots, and pills

6. The liability if it gets crazy and bites someone walking by or a neighbor

7. The possibility it will make noise at night when you’re attempting to sleep

8. It can get crazy and tear up furniture or other personal property

9. It can dig up, Tear up, or root up your yard

At the end of the day a lot of it depends upon your own feelings about dogs cats and other pets as to whether you want your children having one.

If you prefer a clean house definitely the answer is no. If you’re okay with a little bit of slack there you can give your child a chance.

One thing I do recommend is to have a one-week trial period with an animal to see how your child takes care of it. Obviously, how they deal with this situation will have a great influence on your decision because then you’ll know whether or not the care of the pet is likely to fall on you.

Post some of your comments about how you decide on pets and what some of your household pet policies are.

Author: Billy the kid

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